Your World From a New Perspective

It’s the moment of effervescence when you sail away. The anticipation of discovery. The sheer wonder of new encounters. In corners of the world you’ve dreamt of exploring. Treasured places you’ve longed to experience again. Your invitation to discover your next great adventure has arrived.
Join us aboard Vista in 2023, a reflection of harmony and home, of the unexpected and new perspectives – the beautiful new addition to the Oceania Cruises family.

Vista will deliver The Finest Cuisine at Sea, exceptional personalized service with two staff members for every three guests, a warm and welcoming ambiance as a result of the ship’s captivating residential furnishings and introduce several unique firsts for the brand in the realms of dining and guest experiences.

Vista sets new standards for comfort and residential-style luxury with all-veranda accommodations. Penthouse, Oceania and Vista Suites are true sea-going residences with an abundance of living and dining space for entertaining or simply relaxing.


Explore Vista’s dramatic and sophisticated Signature Spaces that are as awe-inspiring as the majesty of the cultural and natural wonders she’ll take you to around the world. New perspectives are waiting to be discovered in each distinctive new Signature Space aboard Vista.

Discover Europe
Be among the first to experience your world from a new perspective aboard Oceania Cruises' newest masterpiece, the beautiful and luxurious Vista. During Vista's highly anticipated Inaugural Season, we invite you to experience the icons, storied treasures, and celebrated traditions of Europe in a new light. It might be Green and Roman monuments, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces, or legendary museums that you explore anew. Perhaps it's gathering around the table for traditional tapas, nonna's homemade pasta or freshly caught seafood with wonderful local wines that evolves your viewpoint. Inevitably, it's the exhilarating joie de vivre that enlivens travel in this enchanting corner of the world and the undeniable romance of getting lost in the cobblestone streets of a village you're encountering for the very first time—or perhaps of a favorite city you're suddenly and profoundly discovering once again. Whether you're drawn to the French Riviera and Tuscany or the Greek Isles and Adriatic Sea, Vista will become your ultimate small-ship retreat as you discover the magic in what lies beyond the horizon.
European Voyages
MAIDEN VOYAGE – Revel in inspiring vistas across the Mediterranean as you explore Italian gems and French Riviera darlings, such as Sorrento and Monte Carlo, as well as the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany and Provence and the blissed-out Balearic Islands
Rome to Barcelona – 12 Days – Apr 14, 2023

CANARY ISLANDS EXPLORER – Immerse yourself in the dramatically diverse Canary Islands with three coveted calls and enjoy explorations of equally tempting ports such as bohemian Granada, exotic Tangier, and even soulful Lisbon during an overnight stay.
Barcelona to Lisbon – 10 Days – Apr 26, 2023

MEDITERRANEAN VISIONS – Explore the best of the Iberian and Italian peninsulas on a voyage that hits all the high notes with visits to charismatic favorites, such as Seville and Provence, as well as boutique ports, such as the exclusive enclave of Capri and the unsung star of Messina
Lisbon to Venice – 14 Days – May 6, 2023

ANCIENT ADRIATIC – Admire the differences and remarkable bonds between the destinations on this unique sojourn to the ancient ruins of Greece, the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, and the bazaars of Turkey, crowned with an overnight stay in hypnotic Istanbul.
Venice to Athens – 12 Days – May 20, 2023

GREEK ISLES ODYSSEY – Sail away on an intriguing journey that links the majestic isles and ancient ruins of Greece with atmospheric locales lining the Turkish Riviera plus features a desirable overnight stay in Istanbul, a timeless city of minarets.
Athens to Istanbul – 10 Days – June 2, 2023

HOLY LAND HALLMARKS – Elevate your explorations with the stirring sights of spirited Turkey, luminous Greece, hallowed Israel, and divine Italy, with overnights in both Istanbul and Jerusalem to discover landmarks of holy significance to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
Istanbul to Rome – 14 Days – Jun 11, 2023

GREEK & ITALIAN ARTISTRY – Journey to some of the Mediterranean’s most inspired cultural destinations, from Naples and Valletta to Istanbul and Ephesus, where you’ll discover stunning architecture, impressive museums and ancient ruins, and myriad epicurean adventures.
Rome to Athens – 10 Days – Jun 25, 2023

ADRIATIC ENCHANTMENT – Sail the enchanting Ionian and Adriatic Seas as you delight in the picturesque scenery of their timeless shores and discover iconic reminders of the graceful Greco-Roman era, the tumultuous Middle Ages and the vibrant Renaissance.
Athens to Venice – 10 Days – July 5, 2023

ROMAN TREASURES – Enjoy a wide-ranging exploration of seas once ruled by the Roman Empire, discovering treasures of antiquity coexisting side by side with the Renaissance’s impressive fortifications and the Belle Époque’s whimsical flourishes.
Venice to Rome – 10 Days – Jul 15, 2023
Discover the Americas
A journey aboard Vista during her Inaugural Season will illuminate the picturesque islands, quaint harbors, and iconic cities of the New World like never before. Rustic and rugged yet cozy and historical, Canada and New England are regions best explored from the comfort of a small and luxurious ship where you can fully embrace the leisurely pace and pure essence of the region. As the fall air turns crisp and the earthy, sweet scent of autumn leaves tumbles from forest-laced cliffs, savor such diverse landscapes as Quebec City, Newport, Bar Harbor, and the Bay of Fundy. Meanwhile, the white powdery beaches and colorful villages of the Caribbean and Mexico, contrasted by the modern engineering feat of the Panama Canal, are radiant backdrops to be explored from the sophisticated enclave of Vista. From tropical coves to French-Canadian metropolises, each destination will be made all the more blissful from the comfort of your spacious seagoing residence.
North and South American Voyages
Old & New World MedleyLondon to New York – 18 Days – Aug 30, 2023
Autumn VistasNew York to Montreal – 11 Days – Sep 18, 2023
Colonial AmericaMontreal to Miami – 15 Days – Sep 29, 2023
Inaugural Panama CanalMiami to Los Angeles – 16 Days – Oct 16, 2023
Panama Canal Adventure – Los Angeles to Miami – 16 Days – Nov 3, 2023