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My jumping around the country has helped me develop my love of travel. I grew up in Philadelphia, got married and moved to Muncie, Indiana and then Miami. It was in Miami that I worked for Eastern Airlines, which really got me hooked. Then I switched coasts when we settled in San Diego and now in the Sacramento area.

I delight in the excitement of my clients when a trip comes together. Travel experiences leave you with untouchable memories. I was in East Berlin when the wall came down. Seeing all the cameras on top of the Brandenburg Gate filming the Eastern side, even the border guards were confused about what was happening.  I was in Tel Aviv when some terrorists planted a bomb on the beach and a Canadian family was hurt. Of course happier memories stay with you just as well. Italy has always held a fascination for me. All my life, I have been passionate about anything Italian: the food, the wine, the gorgeous countryside, the clothes, the way the Italians adhere to "La Dolce Vita.” I have yet to tire of sending travelers to this fabulous country.

A cruise is one of the best ways to travel the world. Just think, one time unpacking and a vacation that includes all your meals and entertainment. Cruising can be a stress-free vacation. You can’t complain there’s nothing to do. You can be as busy as you want or simply relax if you wish. Whether it is Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand or South America, there is a cruise ship or river barge would make the perfect vacation. Just think of all the fascinating places in the world to visit. Let’s set one up for you.

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