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Most Recent Trips

Back to New York to enjoy people, places, and food!

Favorite Trip Experience

Staying on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean (beautiful white sand beaches, chartered a yacht to see all the little islands, enjoyed a fresh seafood lunch, and jumped off the side of the boat to snorkel along the reefs)

Next Trip

Family trip to Oahu and Maui

Travel for me is like a pulse. It is what keeps me going. I am always curious as to what is around the corner or over the hill. Sharing, designing and creating experiences for my clients is why I truly enjoy working in the travel industry. The best way to sum up my passion for travel is instead of going to my senior prom in high school, I chose to go to Amsterdam with my sister. I try to go somewhere new every weekend, even if it is around Los Angeles.  
Before embarking on my travel career, I worked for over ten years in the luxury retail cosmetic industry. It was during this time I honed my eye for the importance of details and understanding this is what truly creates an incredible experience.
When we travel it is the little details that create the most memories. To me that always starts with food.  Each location has its own gastronomic specialty.  The senses of taste and smell forever identifies a place. Whether it is an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and Gaspe Lox from an appetizing deli in New York, or an incredible Sunday Roast with the most outrageous Eton Mess for dessert at a local pub in a tiny village in Nottinghamshire, England. Another was enjoying spa treatments at a little inn and going to Buxton natural springs after enjoying the village of Bakewell and having a delicious Bakewell pudding.
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Travel Tip: After arriving at your destination, go to the supermarket or local food markets. It gives you a great amount of insight into the culture and people in the locale.






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My Travel Experiences

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