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Most Recent Trips

Antarctica and New Zealand

I took my first jet flight as a high school senior and still recall the rush I got during takeoff. After that, I knew traveling was in my DNA, even before I knew where I wanted to go. My first trip to Europe with my best friend was at age 25. We landed in England after an incredibly long flight on a Boeing 737, and I remember having a strange but powerful feeling that I was arriving home. It turned out to be a wonderful omen and a fantastic trip as we continued on to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.  This was the true kickoff to a lifelong exploration that I’m still embarking on.

My unforgettable journeys have included hot-air ballooning over the moonscape-like rocks and ancient cave dwellings and vineyards of Capadoccia, Turkey. I’ve savored steamed mussels marinara with a good red wine al fresco at Boccaccio’s in Nice. I’ve attended a private candlelit recital of a Mozart opera with singers and orchestra dressed in period costume in Prague Castle. The list doesn’t end there, but you’d be reading this for hours.

I’m a tenacious, detail-oriented yet creative problem solver, and I love helping people realize their cherished travel dreams. You might say I’m a travel therapist and alchemist; I listen to my clients and do my best to transform their fantasies into golden experiences.

Something I always tell my clients when they’re traveling to an area that I specialize in – forget your diet!

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My Travel Experiences

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