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I became a travel agent by default. After being born and raised in Vienna, Austria I grew up telling all my friends where to go and what to do in Europe. Since 1972, I’ve continued this path and still love to hear the words “we had a great time” when my clients return from their trips. I specialize in arranging upscale travel for discerning travelers.
I’ve conquered diving in the Great Barrier Reef, but wasn’t so lucky on a trip to Venice, Italy when I fell into the canal! Life is like that sometimes.
I’m very detail-oriented, fun loving and have traveled to most of the places I book. I never say “no” and always find a way to make sure you get the best value for your hard earned money. I encourage people to pursue local customs when visiting a foreign region and hang out in the less touristy areas. Remember, everything can be done – it’s just a matter of money!

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My Travel Experiences

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