Marianna Monaco

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It was after a summer job in my hometown of Athens, Greece that I decided to become a travel agent.

From sailing on private chartered yachts in the Aegean, going on safari in Africa, or spending ten days at the Hotel Bora Bora, my time in this industry has been filled with excellent adventures.

I elect to work with discerning travelers for whom the quality of the journey trumps crimping on the budget. I’ll give you the best value and advice I can based on my own observations and travels – except for one. While driving from Verbier to Geneva with a group of skiers, our driver forgot to lock the back door of the luggage compartment and as we were cruising along the road, frantic drivers passing us were yelling “Baggage! Baggage!” Turns out we had been dropping our bags along the highway, but being Switzerland, we were able to turn around safely and retrieve our possessions. 

Ask me for a list of my favorite restaurants before you leave for your trip!

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My Travel Experiences

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