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My interest in travel probably germinated as a teen in high school when I took European History.  My seemingly mundane world of rural Minnesota finally opened up with exciting possibilities. I had to see what I was studying and I vowed to make it happen.  After college I bought a Eurail Pass and with $5.00 per day, I visited 21 countries.  I was hooked and I haven't stopped traveling.

I decided I would someday like to help others with their travels.  After a career in education, I pursued this dream. Over the past 20 years, traveling has stimulated my mind and nourished my spirit, and I've felt its true rewards are intangible.  While I most enjoy doing research to find the perfect vacation match for my client's needs, the personal relationships I've developed with my clients follows closely behind in what I love about my profession.

I’ve savored so many stimulating highlights on our planet: Seeing the massiveness of the Great Wall of China, silently floating down the Danube River on a river cruise, walking through Angkor Wat and imagining daily life so long ago, watching a lion attack and prepare his meal of wildebeest along a river in Tanzania, hiking Arenal Volcano at dusk, walking the terraces in Machu Picchu in Peru, seeing a tango show in Buenos Aires, smelling the spice market in Marrakech, seeing my first purple starfish on the barrier reef in Australia, and eating Parisian style in Paris. 

While on an escorted tour in Vietnam, we came upon a motorbike with a water buffalo tied on the back.  The water buffalo was indeed alive and very scared!  The Vietnamese are unbelievable in what they can transport on a bike and still remain balanced. It’s amazing to be able to share, and help others arrange, such experiences.

I see my role as a travel consultant as one where I take your expressed wishes and form them into a unique vacation that fulfills your dreams.  This is achieved through combining professional knowledge, a strong skills set, creativity and a high level of service.

I enjoy hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, beach, reading, working out at my gym and of course, seeing new destinations and returning to those I love.

My Travel Experiences

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