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I have a big family! There are over 24 nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. I’ve come to find that it takes time, patience, and creativity to fulfill the needs of each individual’s unique persona. Being one of eight children, I understand what it takes to make each happy. This has helped me learn how to best meet the varying needs of my clients. I’ve booked cruises for famous icons such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, arranged unforgettable family vacations to the savannas of Africa for a small town family and gravitate towards each individual’s interest in order to create the perfect vacation getaway. I understand the amount of stress and uncertainty that comes with planning a dream vacation. I get to know your family, from their favorite hobbies to their favored cuisines, so I am able to transform those stressful questions into comforting answers!

I specialize in creating perfect cruise experiences worldwide, and sharing my joy of paradise in Hawaii. Cruising brings the best elements of a vacation together: multiple destinations, no packing and unpacking between destinations and for the most part, it’s all-inclusive. And let's face it, we usually are looking to get the most value for our money! I’ll help sift through the myriad options cruise travelers have. From wonderful state of the art vessels, which ports of call to visit, what on-ship and shore activities you prefer and how much you’d like to spend. The options are endless.

Hawaii provides you with a truly invigorating experience, and if you allow me, I can help you live it to its fullest. From the first moment you arrive, the sensuous aromas of its exotic flowers overcome you. The views leave you speechless. Whoever said there is no such thing as perfect obviously has not been to Hawaii. This magical place has truly made an impression on me, and now I am ready to help it make an impression on you.

My Travel Experiences

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