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For me, traveling isn’t merely a trip or a vacation; traveling is a journey that always leaves me transformed and forever changed by the experiences. Drawing on my strong relationship with the entertainment industry and numerous celebrities, I created the first “Celebrity Kids Cruise,” with passengers getting “up close and personal” with the cast from hit television series, films, and music.  As the founder of award-winning Sail With The Stars®, I have earned the reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative experts in the industry with over twenty-two years of travel expertise, designing themed cruise and fantasy once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences.

As a dedicated philanthropist, I combine my travel talents with charity activities.  In 1991, I partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation to create a fundraising event that would bring people together for a great time while raising funds for the cause. Drawing on my strong relationship with the entertainment industry and numerous celebrities, I created the first "Celebrity Kids Cruise”, with passengers getting "up close and personal" with the cast from the hit television series, "Full House." Sail With The Stars® was officially launched.

Since that first successful charity cruise, I have provided cruises for terminally ill children and their families through charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and continue my close association with the J.D.F., among other worthy charities. Eventually I joined forces with TravelStore, as an affiliate, focusing my services on planning VIP luxury travel and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. I often accompany my clients as their personal concierge. 

I have worked in the luxury travel industry, traveling to every continent, cruising every ocean and visiting too many countries to count. My job is to use my knowledge and expertise in providing every client perfectly planned extraordinary, one of a kind, travel experiences. “Bucket List” fulfillment is guaranteed on these sensational travel adventures. 

To serve my clientele I plan amazing escapes. You can trust me to know what is over hyped, over rated or simply over!  Whether it is totally tourist “must see” destinations like the Great Wall of China…Or an incredible adventure such as scuba diving the Maldives, climbing Macho Picchu, cruising Antarctica, ballooning over the Serengeti, trekking for gorillas in Africa or snow leopards in Asia, polar bears in Alaska, staying in the world’s most secluded beaches and resorts, tenting in luxury private lodges in the jungle, or simply savoring nature’s most pristine islands…

With just one call…I will not only get you there, but provide the trip of a lifetime, wherever, whenever, whatever!  I am a leader in a new way of travel on land or at sea, poised to capture the imagination of those wanting more out of their travel experience.

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My Travel Experiences

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