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  • Tour of Christmas markets in Eastern Europe
  • Driving through Bordeaux
  • Driving through Tuscany
  • Cruising the Danube and Black Sea

Look past what’s right in front of you and learn to travel and love the world harder for all it truly is.

Nada Vostmyer

Nada's Story

I have a big family! And making you feel as a special part of my family comes naturally to me. Coming from a traditional Middle East culture, where hospitality and graciousness are key, you will feel right at home from our first conversation. I can promise you that.

In my more than 30 years of travel experience, I have come to find that it takes time, patience, and creativity to fulfill the needs of each individual’s unique persona. Being one of eight children, I understand what it takes to make each happy. This has helped me learn how to best meet the varying needs and preferences of my clients. I’ve booked cruises for famous icons such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and arranged unforgettable family vacations to the savannas of Africa for a small-town family. And I sensitively gravitate toward each individual’s interest in order to create the perfect vacation getaway, no matter who it is. I understand the amount of stress and uncertainty that may come with planning your dream vacation. Because I am given the privilege of getting to know your family, this special exchange of information allows me to be able to transform those stressful questions into comforting answers and ultimately, unforgettable travel experiences.

Given my specialty in group travel, along with my proven expertise in organizing group trips for alumni, religious groups, friends and family, students, and more, I can create personalized itineraries based on your specific interests and needs, such as food and wine travel, festival-centric travel, and educational and historic tours that fulfill your desired experience.

In addition, I am able to organize the perfect ocean and river cruise experiences worldwide. Cruising brings the best elements of a vacation together: multiple destinations, no packing and unpacking between destinations, and for the most part, it’s all-inclusive. And let’s face it, we usually are looking to get the most value for our money! I’ll help sift through the myriad options cruise lines provide – from wonderful state of the art vessels, which ports of call to visit, what onboard and shore activities you prefer, and how much you’d like to spend. The options are endless.

Highlighting my extensive travel throughout Europe and the Middle East, I enjoy putting together a variety of flexible private and escorted tours. Italy, France, Spain, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Israel, Dubai, Egypt, Amman, Lebanon… the list goes on of fabulous countries that I can show you goes on and on.

Many people today have a “bucket list,” which is a list of dream vacations such as Africa, Europe, South America, and other faraway places. I can make your dreams become reality with wonderful experiences to share with your loved ones. My clients speak with praise and satisfaction for the memories they cherish on the vacation trips we planned together. It would be my pleasure to offer my services and help with your special vacation planning and events.

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