A Mediterranean Summer Cruise for Food Lovers

Mar 01, 2024 Avatar  TravelStore

Passport Diaries Podcast Series – Episode 1

Food lovers rejoice! Even if it’s not summer, and you’re not taking a cruise, let your taste buds guide you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean. Fine dining chef David Shalleck takes you on a culinary voyage adventure. His motto: tell a story through food; keep it simple, get closer to the audience, and be authentic. Chef David masterfully conducts a live cooking demonstration while sharing tantalizing anecdotes about his quest to deliver the quintessential Mediterranean dining experience. Each dish is a flavorful journey through Mediterranean culture, infused with the essence of olive oil and herbs. Join us in this featured episode as Chef David’s expertise transforms the kitchen into a stage for epicurean exploration. Come and see how this Mediterranean Summer Cruise was designed with food lovers in mind.

Chef David has been the culinary producer on over 250 cooking shows and has appeared on Food Network’s Iron Chef America. Additionally, he has developed recipes, products, and menus for public relations and marketing agencies, production companies, restaurant operators, food product companies, authors, and premium cruise lines, such as Oceania Cruises.

Mediterranean Summer Paperback Book

Chef David is the author of the New York Times summer reading pick, Mediterranean Summer. Exciting adventures await in the upcoming Mediterranean Summer Cruises for Food Lovers on board Oceania Cruises luxurious new ship, Vista.
Bilbao to Barcelona | 10 Days | September 4 – 14, 2025
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