Celebrity Silhouette Solstice-Class Ship Review

Mar 12, 2013 Avatar Wendy Sandridge Wendy Sandridge

The Celebrity Silhouette is Modern Luxury everywhere you turn.

It is not the perfect ship for everybody….but it is perfect if you are an art enthusiast, a foodie, love entertainment, spa lover, exercise buff, like quiet hideaway spots to play games, read and relax, if you are a techno geek and love Apple products, if you like unique drink options, and enjoy being on a large cruise ship.

There are several things that make the Celebrity Solstice Class ships different and better than other cruises:

The specialty restaurants are amazing…I loved Murano, where they serve French cuisine.

We sat in the wine cellar — you can reserve it complimentary — and enjoyed 5-star service, including table-side lobster and an assortment of wonderful desserts, including Grand Marnier soufflé.

The selection of wine was very extensive — they even had a $4,000 bottle of wine available for the wine connoisseur.

We also ate in Q Zine, where you can order your food off an iPad and everything is served in a unique way.

The food just kept coming, and my favorite was a dessert called Strawberry Fields Forever, which consisted of chocolate-covered strawberries on sticks, stuck into a box of grass alongside porcelain eggs, and served with an assortment of crème brûlée.

For the art enthusiast, there is there is a huge, unique collection of art in every nook and cranny of the ship. You can check out an iPad at Guest Relations and take your own interactive art tour throughout the ship. There is also the typical art auction available at various times throughout the cruise.

The beverage options on the cruise were extensive…..bars everywhere you turn. The Mixology Bar and the Martini Bar are the ones that attracted me. At Mixology, cocktails are served by Master Mixologists who were specially trained by Junior Marino, a liquid chef from New York. All the drinks are organic and each one is unique and delicious.

At the Martini Bar there is a menu of 99 martinis, and the bartenders entertain you as you drink. Both of these bars were a hit every night.

The spa and health club facilities were amazing. Next time I go, I would book an Aqua Class stateroom that includes special spa amenities, but also a spa concierge and a pass to the Persian Garden, where you can enjoy hot stone lounge chairs, a eucalyptus steam room, peppermint medium heat sauna and a relaxation area!

Guests in Aqua Class also get their own dining venue called Blu, where cuisine is healthier and cooked with less fat, without losing the flavors.

I have sailed on Royal Caribbean several times, so I was happy to know that my Diamond Status transferred over to make me an ELITE status Captain’s Club member on Celebrity.

We enjoyed the extra perks such as discount coupons, a special happy hour each day, continental breakfast with specialty coffees, and more…. I would suggest anybody that cruises on Celebrity signs up for the Captain’s Club.

Another unique feature of the Solstice class ship is the lawn club. This is a grassy area that makes you feel like you are enjoying a day in your backyard. You can rent an alcove for the day that has couches and your own personal butler. They have croquet and bocce ball on the grass and two restaurants: the Lawn Club Grill and the Porch. At the lawn club grill you can grill your own steaks and make flatbread. There is a surcharge for this but everybody was enjoying it onboard.

There is a large variety of music onboard and several different activities you could participate in such as “Eat this, not that”, A Celebrity Chef competition, comedy improv lessons, etc….

Now that I am back home, I can’t stop thinking about all the fun I had on Celebrity Silhouette and I can’t wait to go back.

Next time, I will definitely add on the Premium drink package and the specialty restaurant package before I go…and the ship will feel like an all inclusive vacation.

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