Club Med Punta Cana Paradise

Oct 06, 2016 Avatar  TravelStore

When I think about traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is exploration and adventure. I think about discovering new places, trying new things, and interacting with the local culture. This type of travel is fun and exciting, but can also be quite exhausting. You get home from your travels and feel like you need a vacation after your trip! I would say I’m an inquisitive traveler, someone who values every minute and does as much as I can in a day.

Then I recently had the opportunity to go on an all-inclusive vacation to Club Med in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is not the type of travel I’m accustomed to, but I went with an open mind. Wel,l let me tell you, this is definitely the place to go when you need a vacation from your travels, or just a break from life! This 78-acre property is pure paradise, pleasing to the eye everywhere you look. The white sand beaches, clear turquoise water, and palm trees everywhere you turn is just the beginning.

If you can’t find yourself relaxing here, then you need to get yourself checked out. At Club Med there is not a care in the world. Everything is taken care of, planned, done. Pretty much the only decision you need to make is what you’d like to eat and drink. The perspective I had on how to travel before, while still wonderful and engaging, does not mean it’s the only type of travel you can enjoy. Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and relax.
I spent my mornings lounging in my personal cabana, located right outside my room. It was a nice private space where I could read, have a smoothie and some pastries for breakfast, and start my day in zen mode. I stayed in the adults-only ‘Zen Oasis’ villas that surrounded a beautiful pool. For those who aren’t going on a family vacation, this is a wonderful option to be surrounded by people your own age. I enjoyed my down time relaxing by the ocean as well. They have very comfortable lounge chairs and beds. Hearing the sounds of the wind-blown palm trees and the crashing of the waves always puts me at ease.
I liked that I could choose to have my down time, but there are also a lot of fun things to do around the property, all included in the all-inclusive price. I’m a very active person at home and enjoy a workout (yes, even on vacation) and had the

opportunity to take a yoga class and a crossfit class. There are other fun activities like archery, and they have an entire ‘Creactive’ section, where you can do all sorts of circus stunts. I enjoyed the high bungee where you gain momentum by bouncing and then do front flips and back flips in the air. It was definitely a fun, thrilling experience. I also enjoyed trying the flying trapeze and hoola hoop acrobatics. If you’re not as adventurous, it’s also enjoyable to watch. But trying something new, to me, is always an important element when I travel. Get out of your comfort zone a little, and laugh at yourself whether you do it well or not.

Another aspect of the Club Med experience I enjoyed was the nightlife. Every night is a dance party! My first night there they had a ‘Glow’ theme, where they have black lights and neon face and body
painting for the guests. They even had some performers doing a drumming water show that was really incredible. The staff there are very engaging with the guests, and they are there to encourage and promote everyone to have a good time. They played lots of good music, and overall created a really good vibe and atmosphere. It’s a great time to be social and meet some of the other guests too. Everyone was open and friendly.

The next day I was treated to the most amazing full body massage. They have these huts right off the beach where you can enjoy these soothing treatments with a view of the ocean in the background. You know how a lot of nice spas you go to will play calming music or soothing sounds during your massage? Well getting a massage in this setting provided those natural, soothing sounds. I was fortunate to hardly have any rainfall during my vacation, but it did rain during my massage, which provided these beautiful natural sounds and enhanced my experience.

One thing I didn’t get to do was all of the water sport activities Club Med has, also included in the all-inclusive package. The water was too rough because of Hurricane Matthew swirling nearby, but they have kayaking, paddle boarding, and windsurfing available. I’ll have to save those activities for next time, because I’ll definitely be back. Staying at Club Med was reminiscent for me of my days at summer camp as a kid, only it’s the adult version. It can’t get any better than being in a beautiful place, having a sanctuary of peace and calm, seeking out fun and adventure, and connecting with likeminded people. I think the all-inclusive experience is worth treating yourself to at least once a year.
Danielle Buxbaum