Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 Gets a Makeover

Jun 12, 2011 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

Have you taken a Transatlantic cruise? There are many to choose from. Ever since the launch in 2004 of the QM2 (Queen Mary 2), cruise travelers have had a fabulous luxury cruise ship worth crossing the Atlantic on.

Certainly her predecessor, QE2, was grand in her day, but the liner was looking tired and QM2 offers so many more bells and whistles. Transatlantic cruises have always been one of those iconic voyages. Prior to the jet age, it was the only way to get from here to there. Today, Cunard Line’s Transatlantic cruise is a 5-day voyage that’s too short to fully enjoy one of the best cruise ships.

I always knew I’d make “the crossing,” perhaps in my senior years. A cruise with no ports of call just didn’t seem all that compelling to me as yet. However, I was lucky to have the opportunity, far sooner than I imagined, to experience this elegant lady of the seas.

Truth be told, I was never bored, and the experience left me begging for at least one or two more days at sea to better enjoy so many options onboard.

From the Canyon Ranch Spa, the observatory programs, the Oxford lectures, the largest library afloat, the formal afternoon teas and Veuve Cliquot Campagne Bar and Golden Lion Pub, this was nearly heaven on the seas. And when it comes to cruises for families, there’s plenty for kids to do, too.

In fact, they won’t get enough of the Play Zone, and with all the quality time available to spend together, this might well be the best family cruise for those that relish togetherness. The very fine dining each evening in Princess Grill was a culinary delight each evening.

The best news is the QM2 has just been updated, and looks near brand new.

If you’ve every fancied sailing across the Atlantic on a Cunard luxury cruise ship, now’s the best time to do so.