Discovering Cuba

Jun 30, 2016 Avatar Vana Carmona Vana Carmona

Cuba is piquing the travel imagination like no other destination. Long off limits to US citizens, the gradual opening of relations has led to a not-so-gradual increase in American tourism. It’s booming and I’m right there with you!

Not only have I made the much-awaited trek to Cuba, I went back again three months later! I already experienced changes in the country in that short space between my two trips. That’s how fast it is progressing.

Long before going on my first Cuba trip, I had my ear to the ground, listening for any news, knowing how many travelers would be interested. Keeping up with developments has now become a daily business.

My first visit was overland from Havana, on the northwestern coast, to Santiago de Cuba on the far eastern shore. We stopped at Santa Clara, Camaguey, Bayamo and Baracoa along the way.

My second was by sea, sailing out of Havana in a small ship around the western end of the island and stopping at the ports of Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

Between my two trips to Cuba, I have traveled from one end of Cuba to the other.

Both Cuba trips were People-To-People small groups, which we all enjoyed very much. Unlike many tours to other destinations, we saw more than just the sites and ate the food (and drank the rum!). Every day we met with artists, dancers, teachers and other involved with the culture and government. We visited medical clinics and schools. We danced and drummed, shopped in local markets, and rode around in antique cars. We rolled through the sugar fields, the mountains, indulged in the rum and smoked the cigars (even those of us who don’t smoke!)

In other words, we had a ball! In spite of its undeveloped infrastructure and the need to be need to be very, very flexible when traveling there, Cuba has such spirit! It’s infectious.

We hear from many who tell us they want to see Cuba “before it changes.” With that in mind, the time to go is now! You have not a moment to lose! Let me help you arrange it.

Vana Carmona