Double the Fun On Back-to-Back Cruises

Feb 12, 2012 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

One of the trends our cruise agency is seeing is an increasing number of people taking longer cruise vacations, those longer than the typical seven days. It makes sense to do so for those that have the time.

After all, one week is barely enough time to relax and get cozy with your new surroundings onboard. By the fourth or fifth day the novelty of being on a new luxury cruise ship has subsided, and one starts to really settle down to enjoying the experience. And then it’s all over!

My ideal cruise itinerary is at least 10 days (which can still be done with one week wedged between two weekends). However, longer itineraries are even more enticing. From a budget standpoint, the longer the cruise the less the cruise vacation will cost on a per-day basis. (You’re also amortizing the cost of airfare and travel expenses over more days.)

On many of the top rated cruise lines, you can combine back-to-back cruises to create a longer itinerary, and not repeat any ports of call. Cruise lines usually offer a discount when you book back-to-back departures.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that entertainment and special guests onboard may repeat, as might menu choices, though that’s not always the case and often not important to many that book back-to-back cruises.

Another choice may be to book on two different cruise ships. One of the more exciting options here would be to cruise on the two largest cruise ships at sea: Royal Caribbean CruisesOasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. Presently, both ships cruise roundtrip from Port Everglades. Oasis departs on Saturdays, while Allure departs on Sundays. One could readily combined one week on each ship, with a one-night hotel package in between.

These two ships are so large and offer so many experiences, it’s impossible to enjoy them all in the course of a one-week cruise on either ship. (That’s quite a change from cruise ships decades past, which offered few entertainment and dining options.) While these ships are near twins, each offers different shows and restaurants, providing the cruise traveler unique experiences.

So if you’re ready to double your cruise fun, check with our cruise experts on the options. If you’ve taken back-to-back cruises, perhaps you’ll share your insights.