Experiencing Windstar

Dec 06, 2017 Avatar Colette Cross Colette Cross

I cruised on the Windstar Pride, which is a yacht-style ship that accommodates just over 200 passengers. The ship was very attractive and easy to get around. It has a library, casino, screening room, club and spa.

I enjoyed a Spa treatment at the Windstar Spa, and the staff were some of the best I have had in my travels! The all-suite staterooms are very spacious – 277 square feet with a separate sitting area with a sofa and chairs separated from the bedroom area, which has either a queen or two twin beds, by a curtain.

Because the ship is smaller, it cruises into more distinctive ports of call than larger cruise ships do. We docked in off-the-beaten-path ports of call, where we could take local transportation and do what locals do, i.e., visit local markets and enjoy local concerts.

Our itinerary was from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy, with my favorite port being Collioure, France.

With its massive royal castle, medieval streets and gorgeous lighthouse converted into the church of Notre-Dame-des Anges, Collioure has been a major meeting place for famous artists.

One of the best features of the ship was its water platform, with all the water toys and equipment one could want. The staff is so helpful in assisting everyone with the equipment they needed to enjoy the day!
There are exciting new enhancements coming as well: Windstar is planning on adding a new Food and Beverage Manager and Chef, and the ship will also be adding additional entertainment options.
I felt this cruise would be ideal for anyone who enjoys engaging in conversations with other passengers in an intimate environment.

I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise and would definitely sail on a Windstar Cruises again!