Fiji: The Ultimate Vacation Destination

May 10, 2013 Avatar Sha Dev Sha Dev

I had an opportunity to revisit my birthplace with some of my colleagues. It was a first Fiji Islands vacation for most of them, but for me, I was returning home after a long time. I left LAX for a 10hr non-stop flight to Nadi, Fiji. It was a late evening departure and after a light dinner and breakfast and a nap,
we arrived in the beautiful Fiji Islands.

I stepped off the plane with the same excitement I had when I first arrived in California. Fiji is very much the same aas I remembered, except for a few new resorts. It has the same charm, same beauty, same warmth, same hospitality that it had when I first left 25 years ago. I have travelled to various different countries and islands since then, of course, and I can say with utmost confidence, that the friendliest, happiest and most welcoming people live in Fiji.

We were greeted with “Bula” (hello) by every staff member at the hotel. Even people on the streets had smiles on their faces and said hello. Every resort greeted us with a Fijian Welcome song. When guests check out of their resorts, the staff at the hotel sing a tearful goodbye song. You can feel the sadness in their song.

This is a true Fijian Hospitality one receives regardless where in Fiji they stay. The Fijians treat everyone visiting their island as guests in their home. They don’t consider you as a tourist, but as family.

A vacation in Fiji is an experience. There are various modes of transportation between islands. For Honeymooners, a private island getaway is the ultimate experience. The accommodations on these islands is usually a beach bungalow or an overwater bungalow. It is truly a romantic experience. Just imagine having a private romantic dinner by the beach and under the stars while serenaded by local singers. Or snorkeling just outside your bungalow.

Or for those more adventurous, how about hiking up to a village, picnicking at a waterfall, and kayaking up the river thru remote villages. For families, Fiji is also an incredible experience. You kids will never want to leave the island.

In Fiji, its all about YOU!

So don’t wait any longer…..let’s arrange your next vacation to my homeland in the beautiful Fiji Islands.

Sha Dev