When Will Cruise Lines Build Eco-Friendly Cruise Ships?

Jun 12, 2012 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

Our cruise agency has  commented before about some of the innovative and environmentally friendly developments with the top rated cruise lines. While there have been publicized one-off incidences of pollution by cruise ships, there are many more stories about cruise lines striving to minimize their ecological footprint, including, for example, the use of solar power by Celebrity Cruises, or the commitment by Crystal Cruises as the first cruise line to exclusively use sustainable seafood.

Now STX Europe has designed an environmentally friendly and sustainable cruise ship. While no one has yet bought into building it, it shows what the future may hold. STX Europe is not some fly by night company.

It is one of the major shipbuilders, having built some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships, like Oasis of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Queen Mary II from Cunard Line. The eco ship controls emissions by using liquified natural gas (LNG) and utilizes wind power from the sails on its five masts, looking a bit like an oversized ship from Windstar Cruises. Recycled materials are used in the staterooms.

Hopefully, the design will stimulate the top cruise lines to be even more innovative in incorporating more sustainable ideas in future.

Since we wrote this, Celebrity Cruises has introduced some solar powered ships and Hurtigruten and Ponant operate more eco-friendly ships, too.