Our Honeymoon Team Goes to Fiji – Part 1

Jun 13, 2013 Avatar Jerri Adair Jerri Adair

Always on the hunt for new romantic and special getaways for our honeymoon and destination wedding couples, our Honeymoon Team recently returned from an amazing trip to Fiji.

A beautiful and exotic destination, Fiji offered them a huge variety of properties and islands to explore, so we’ll be sharing their adventures in an 11-part series.

We put away the neck pillows, refreshed with a moist towel, and disembarked from our Air Pacific flight after ten hours flying over the ocean to arrive in Fiji. The islands were a welcome sight, and we were met with the warmest greeting of the Fijian culture, “Bula”. A great start to our adventure in the Fijian Islands.

“Bula” is more than a word for hello, used with great enthusiasm by Fijian people to express their sincerest and most welcoming fondness for newcomers. This greeting was heard repeatedly during our ten day stay. Genuine kindness and friendliness was felt as we made many new friends.

Our host, ‘Rony,’ accompanied us during our entire stay as we traveled between several islands. He shared exciting stories and pointed out the most interesting aspects of the islands. Knowledgeable on every facet of Fijian culture, Rony had won a prestigious Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award and was chosen to host Oprah when she visited the islands.

From the airport in Nadi we were to fly to the Yasawa Island Resort. I knew there were weight restrictions and had packed accordingly; however, I was surprised when I also had to get on a scale with my small carry-on at the check in counter!

After the luggage and bodies were weighed, we were ushered outside to board a six-seater, two engine prop plane for our 30 minute hop to our resort.

We flew just yards above the ocean, getting a bird’s eye view of a vast coral reef.

What was once just a dot in the distance gradually enlarged and became a beautiful, lush mountain terrain, and we touched down on a grass strip runway that is also used as a rugby field.

When a rugby match is in progress, they simply pull up stakes, allow the plane to land, and then continue play.

The reception desk was a lean-to with enough over-head shade for ten people. What a glorious experience!


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Submitted by Jerri Adair-Williams