Paradise Tahiti

Mar 19, 2013 Avatar  TravelStore

In April, 2012 I was fortunate to be part of a group of travel agents invited to travel to Tahiti. We met in Los Angeles and took the nonstop flight with Air Tahiti Nui from LAX to Papeete. The flight took about 8.5 hours and was very pleasant due to the friendly service. Before landing, all passengers received a Tiare flower, so we were well prepared to step into paradise.

Since our flight arrived in the evening, we stayed the first night on the main island and the next morning boarded a short flight (just a few minutes) to our next destination,

Moorea. One can reach this island from Papeete via ferry or plane. I liked the flight as it offered a beautiful overview of the atoll and pleasing blue waters as far as one could see. Moorea turned out to offer plenty of activities besides water and beach. For example, we enjoyed an Island Safari Tour where the guides told us interesting things about Tahitian plants and people.

Our next stop was Bora Bora. Here, most resorts are located on their own island and guests are transferred to and from the resorts by boat. It was very soon after our arrival that I finally understood why people are so fascinated by this destination. I was standing on the soft sandy beach, palm trees behind me and mesmerized by crystal clear water that was so calm that the waves barely made any sound. In the background, across the water, I could see the green Mother Island with Mount Otemanu, and the weather was sunny with a blue sky and comfortable temperatures. I do remember thinking: “Indeed a piece of paradise.”

The third island we visited was Tikehau. This island is part of the Tuamotu atolls further north of Papeete and more secluded than Moorea or Bora Bora. It is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to get away for a while to unwind and recharge batteries. Besides beach and water, one can enjoy a visit to the Bird Island or a Motu Picnic on one of the many uninhabited Motus (little Islands).

I still dream about this trip: The amazingly blue water, soft beaches, enchanting Tahitian music, and the absolutely delicious French cuisine. By the end of our visit I also realized that the Tahitians are much friendlier than their reputation. In fact, they were very welcoming and helped to make this a wonderful memory.

Tahiti offers many different accommodation categories and their location makes a difference, too. Contact us; we are happy to share our knowledge and look forward to guiding you through the truly special and luxurious resort options.