Royal Davui Fiji Had Me at “Bula”!

Jan 30, 2017 Avatar Mindy Crenshaw Mindy Crenshaw
A vacation to Fiji is sure to entail beautiful beaches, a romantic stay in a Fijian bure, and friendly, welcoming locals. Who knew that a personal helicopter and private villa on an exclusive Fijian atoll also existed?
A recent trip to Fiji allowed me an opportunity to experience this piece of paradise.A quick beach pick-up from a nearby island whisked me away to Royal Davui. An adult-only resort on a private island surrounded by blue, crystal water and bleached white sand. Royal Davui is perfect for those looking for a romantic retreat, honeymoon or relaxing vacation.

Often we tend to know it as ‘save the best for last,’ but not here. One day at Royal Davui, and I could return back to the States fully content. This 16-villa haven nestled in 10 acres of tropical landscape is more of a home than a resort. Family owned and operated for 12 years, you feel as though you’ve finally arrived home.

Within an hour of arrival, I was relaxing in my private plunge pool in preparation for an afternoon massage and lunch.

Lunch — and every meal — was fantastic. The menu at Royal Davui is created daily using fresh, seasonal ingredients and emphasizes Fijian culture. Secluded dining is available and encouraged: The resort offers many hidden locations to enjoy, or dining can be enjoyed in your villa.

As tempting as it was to lounge and relax, I was drawn to the amount of activities offered. What to try first? Snorkeling, kayaking, an island walk, sign up for a cooking class, visit a local village, or another spa treatment? A Kava Ceremony after dinner and a sandbar picnic on a private tidal islet were must do’s.

Kava is a root prepared as a non-alcoholic ceremonial drink. It looks and tastes like muddy water and tends to make your mouth numb. It is said to give you a sense of well-being and calmness. The ceremony typically includes passing a half-coconut bowl to each drinker individually, you clap your hands once, say “bula”, drink it in one gulp and pass it on.

The Kava Ceremony at Royal Davui included wonderful music and dancing. It was a perfect opportunity to experience the Fijian culture.

I was touched and moved by the genuine kindness of the Fijian people. In all my travels never have I met a happier people. The sincerity and personal connection were immediately felt and I carried that with me throughout my journey and still feel it at home today.

The Fijian Farewell song “Isa Lei” was serenaded to us at every stop and resonates often in my heart.

The next few days were full of incredible water activities where we saw abundant marine life: colorful fish, turtles, barracudas and giant clams. It was so wonderful to not be on the clock or pressed for time. What a feeling to do whatever we desired and be stress-free! A priceless gift!

An unforgettable highlight and perfect ending was experiencing a Sand Cay picnic on this remote tidal islet. The Sand Cay is a 7-minute boat ride from the resort. Royal Davui provides the picnic, drinks and sunshade.

As I floated in the serene, clear turquoise water I couldn’t help but reflect on the magnificent beauty of Fiji. I was floating on a natural infinity pool where I could only see perfection for miles.

If romance, sun, seclusion, pampering, beauty, privacy and unparalleled relaxation are appealing and call your name then Royal Davui island is for you.


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