Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Sep 15, 2017 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

There is a steep slope covered in orchids, ferns and anthiriums, some 60,000 plants I’m told. We head up to the forest canopy along a skywalk and look below at the treetops, then pass behind a waterfall over 100′ tall. The mist in the air is refreshing. Surprisingly, we’re indoors, under the architecturally stunning Cloud Forest Dome at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, without a doubt one of its most compelling attractions.

There are two such domes, the other being the Flower Dome, which features a seasonally rotating exhibit of blooms from around the world. But there’s far more here, too, including the Olive Grove featuring 1,000-year old olive trees,Baobabs and Bottle Trees, and gardens from around the world including Australia, South Africa, South America and California.

While these two domes are unto themselves reasons enough to visit, Gardens by the Bay offers so much more. The vertical gardens in the Supertree Grove feature over 150,000 plants and 300 species.

At night the Supertree Grove comes alive with a free sound and light show. Visitor’s tip: if you have limited time, visit the Gardens late afternoon during daylight, and stay for the free evening light show.

There’s the Heritage Gardens featuring Malay, Chinese, Indian and Colonial gardens that speaks to the heritage of this country, and a water-based interactive kids area. Even more compelling is the information about how the gardens were built and maintained. If you need a reason to visit Singapore and spend some extra time here, Gardens by the Bay should be near the top of your reasons; perhaps second, after Singapore’s gastronomic delights!

Dan Ilves