Six Waterfalls In Iceland You Must See When Traveling By Car

Aug 23, 2019 Avatar Aimee Kramer Aimee Kramer
Iceland truly is one of the most remarkable countries I have ever been to. Everything in this country has an element of surprise that goes far beyond its natural beauty. It’s the energy, the culture, the wildlife, the freshest food, the weather, the sun’s cycles, and everything else in between. Experiencing Iceland by car was an adventure of a lifetime, though it’s important to come prepared (which I can help you with)!
With over 10 thousand waterfalls flowing across this incredible country, it is impossible to stop and take a picture of each one. Therefore, I put together a list of six of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland for you.
1. Brúarfoss: Despite its small stature, Brúarfoss is one of my favorite waterfalls in the world, and it’s off the beaten path. Located in a residential neighborhood, you must park in a lot 20 minutes’ walk away from the falls. The electric blue color of the falls is really what you will see; no filtering is needed to enhance its natural hues.

2. Svartifoss: With so much to see in this area, it is important to plan your time accordingly. If you have the physical ability to do a moderate 45-minute uphill hike, you will not want to miss this stunning waterfall. Svartifoss, meaning, “Black Waterfall,” owes its name to the dramatic contrast of the dark hexagonal basalt columns that surround the white flowing waters. It is also the architectural inspiration for Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavík.
3. Goðafoss: The waterfall of the gods in Iceland owes its name to the country’s conversion to Christianity. According to an old Norse legend, Þorgeir Ljósvetningargoði was said to have thrown his pagan god statues into these falls when taking up Christianity.

4. Gullfoss: Iconic, big, bold and strong, this is the most visited and popular waterfall in all of Iceland, and it is not hard to see why. Standing beside this beautiful beast, feeling the mist caress face, took me away from myself. Mother Nature has this way of shrinking our problems with her enormous stature and amplifying what is important… that’s what this waterfall reminds you of.

5. Seljalandsfoss: Located only minutes from Skogafass, and there’s no hiking required. One of the best features is the natural pathway that trails all around the falls, even dipping into a cavernous area behind the falls, allowing for magical photos with a unique perspective. But be warned: you are likely to be drenched!
6. Dettifoss: This is most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. At only 144 feet tall, it has an average water flow of 3 million gallons per minute… AKA lots of water. And you can hear it roar! It’s just a small hike from the parking lot over uneven terrain and so worth it. Just don’t get too close to the edge; there are no guard rails here, and it is steep!

With its endless valleys, waterfalls, horses, craters, majestic lava fields, glaciers, snowcapped mountains, and black sand beaches, you’ll constantly be surprised by the nonstop secrets hidden in every corner of Iceland. A backdrop that leaves everyone craving more, Iceland might seem like a small country, but don’t let the size fool you. There is something beautiful to see on every inch of this incredible island.
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Aimee Kramer