Sky Deck Destination Weddings in Riviera Maya

Oct 01, 2013 Avatar Maral Nazarian Maral Nazarian

I’ve recently returned from the magic of the Riviera Maya, whose white sand beaches are lined with magnificent resorts.

Imagine… you’re getting ready for your special day in your private spa room. Your closest friends are with you as your hair and makeup is being applied with last minute details. In the meantime your guests are getting ready in their rooms and suites at a beautiful resort anticipating the special event.

Your destination wedding celebration began months ago, when you chose a unique and memorable location for your ceremony and celebrations, in this case on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. You included a special time with your family and friends, with pre-arranged excursions: a sunset dinner cruise, a private catamaran snorkel and lunch tour, dance lessons, a wine tasting followed by a gourmet dining experience for your rehearsal dinner, a spa experience with champagne toasts and well wishes.

In creating a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, there are many unique details that can be added to match your individual taste and unique style.

Now it is time… and you are ready. You take the elevator up to the sky-deck.

The scene is mesmerizing: the clear blue skies above and varying shades of blue twinkling in the ocean below. You step out and see your guests sitting and facing the gazebo that has been decorated with your chosen colors and theme. The sky-deck has plexiglass walls, so you feel you are part of the landscape. You are not in the sand, but you are getting married on the beach, high above with incredible views. When you walk down the aisle you can’t help notice the beauty, tranquility of the ocean below.

This experience is also broadcast with a web cam for your family and friends back home, who couldn’t attend your destination wedding. You take your vows and enjoy a rooftop cocktail celebration, followed by dinner on the beach a beautiful terrace or a ballroom of your choice.

For assistance in planning a destination wedding, reach out to Maral Nazarian.