Taking in Historic Charleston

Aug 14, 2013 Avatar Karen Murphy Karen Murphy

Recently I was fortunate to visit Charleston, South Carolina, a city that harbors so much American history it’s hard to take it all in. Founded in 1670 by English Colonists Charleston grew from a colonial seaport to become a wealthy city.

A dear friend from high school lives and works in the city, so I felt like I had the upper hand in getting a local’s prospective. It is a city that is complete.

I stayed at the beautiful Charleston Place Hotel located within walking distance to shopping and museums.

Beautiful plantations and Ft. Sumter are just a few of the historical sites to visit.

On a carriage ride through countless streets and alleys that seem to melt together, I gained a better perspective of this story-filled city.

Connecting service on Delta Airlines through Atlanta was the most affordable way to travel there, and a car rental is not needed if you want to stay in the city limits.

Various hotel accommodations are available from luxury hotels to local B & B’s.

If you want to feel the unique southern hospitality take in Charleston and walk the streets, taste the magnificent food and slow things down a bit, something we can all benefit from. If you allows us to book your stay at the Charleston

Place Hotel, you’ll also enjoy the amenities we can extend you: complimentary breakfast and a $100 food and beverage credit during your stay.

Karen Murphy