The Truth Is: Travel Is Good For You!

Jan 23, 2014 Avatar  TravelStore

An industry publication, TravelAge West, comments on a report by the Global Coalition on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in conjunction with the U.S. Travel Association, which offers evidence as to the benefits of travel. While some of the conclusions may be obvious to savvy travelers, the report puts some statistical evidence behind the assertions.

  • Travelers have greater satisfaction with their health than non-travelers (77% v 61%)
  • Those who travel are more satisfied and have a more positive outlook (86% vs. 75%)
  • Travelers report getting more exercise while traveling than at home (63%)

It’s also been reported in the past, and reaffirmed by this report, that travel can delay the onset of degenerative disease, because travel challenges us to navigate new places, engage with new people and learn about different cultures.

So look no further in justifying your travel bug!

Not only is travel enriching, it is good for your health — perhaps more than you know!