Traveling to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

Oct 05, 2016 Avatar  TravelStore

I fell in love with this new found place! Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo have a totally different vibe and calmness than other regions of Mexico I have visited. The people are friendly and down to earth, so kind and giving. We were there during off season and there were not many tourists; in fact, we only met one other American couple. We were lucky to experience two different hotels with two different travelers in mind. The first stop Barceló for the all-inclusive experience and Capella Ixtapa, a dream in itself.

We had an unexpected experience that will forever stay with me. After dining we strolled to the beach and were invited by one of the employees, Miguel, to follow him, as there was a sea turtle giving birth. Miguel has been working with turtles for seven years at Barceló, and was knowledgeable and thoughtful. After the mother turtle returned to sea, Miguel dug up the 53 eggs and told us there would be a 20% chance of the turtles surviving if he did not do this, and 45% chance with his love. He transferred them to a small fenced off area closer to the hotel where he reburied them and flagged them with a stick with the date of birth. In 45 days they would be released back to the sea. The next couple days we watched as Miguel let his other babies go just before sundown.

I booked two tours and couldn’t be happier. The service was outstanding, transportation vans very clean and air conditioned. Our guide, Luis, led us kayaking across to Las Gatos Island. He told us the story of the king and his 120 wives, and on a short hike showed us Cousteau photographers’ old hut. We snorkeled, had an amazing BBQ lunch, and Luis even caught a puffer fish we got to pet (very silky). We also snorkeled on Playa Linda in the coral reefs; still not sure which I liked best.

Off to Capella Ixtapa, the most breathtaking place I have ever been. The view reminded me of my Grandmothers house in South Laguna and brought back many memories. The staff and service was above and beyond great. As we relaxed and read in the late afternoons, after a day of bike riding and exploring, you get a knock on your door for Happy Hour service: two beers packed in ice, in a small bucket, homemade guacamole served in a stone molcajete, chips and don’t forget the limes and salt. They think of everything! Let’s not forget the fresh chocolates at turndown.

Our last evening at Capella we attended a margarita making class with Angel. (I’ll never make them my old way again) He taught us about the different tequilas and made us five different margaritas, original, mango, cucumber, ginger and jalapeno, I must say cucumber and ginger were top on my list. We finished it off with a BBQ seafood dinner that was extremely tasty, from the fresh catch of the day.

I cannot wait to return to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo to explore more of what it has to share.

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