Uniquely Cuba

May 15, 2024 Avatar Nanci Browning Nanci Browning

There is no other travel destination like Cuba. It has an element of forbiddance for US citizens. The cars are famously in a time warp from the 50’s; Cuban cigars are sought after by cigar-lovers worldwide; and their rum “Havana Club” is the best rum you will never taste – unless you travel to Cuba.

Currently, the US allows its citizens to travel to Cuba under the edict of “Support the Cuban People.” The goal of this regulation is to support Cubans without directly benefitting the Cuban socialist government and military. In supporting the Cuban people on a trip to Cuba, you get a fabulous experience interacting with local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs in a growing hospitality field.

I was lucky enough to travel to Cuba in late 2023 with Cuba Private Travel. We stayed at private accommodations (traditional hotels are largely on a US banned list and are a “no, no” for US citizens). My small group visited a tobacco farm and interacted with a small tobacco farmer, who showed us how to roll cigars; we visited a beekeeper and tasted his smoky honey; we visited a farm with an onsite restaurant – truly farm-to-table; we experienced a percussion dance troupe at their studio; rode in iconic vintage cars; had rum cocktail making lessons; visited a local market with a chef and dined on amazing local dishes prepared in his kitchen; had salsa dance lessons; listened to local musicians on a rooftop bar; visited art galleries of local artists and more.


There seems to be a perception that US citizens traveling under “Support the Cuban People” are limited in their experience vs. other countries who may visit Cuba with no restrictions, but I disagree. If you want to go flop on a beach in the Caribbean, Cuba is not the destination for you. While the beaches are beautiful, they are not on a Support the Cuban itinerary, and that’s OK. There is so much culture to soak up, you can soak up some rays somewhere else if that is what you are looking for in your vacation. For me, the best part of any international trip is interacting with locals, and that is exactly what you get under a Support the Cuban People itinerary. With approved businesses, you are putting money in the hands of small business owners and hearing from them first-hand what it is like to live and work in Cuba.

Cuba is one of those destinations you need to visit to really grasp the culture and experience a time-warp that you won’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend Cuba as a destination, and I would love to help you plan your dream trip to Cuba.