Virgin Atlantic Airlines Review

Apr 08, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

Having never flown Virgin before, I didn’t know what to expect. I can sum it up in a few words – shock and awe. The shock was the massive number of seats in Upper Class and the way they are positioned. They’re diagonal, with no seat being parallel to the windows. If you have a window seat, as I did, the window is behind you. The seats are not that wide and you have high panels on either side of you that makes talking with your neighbor all but impossible. I found them a bit claustrophobic. The awe part was the friendliness of the flight attendants and the really great service. They were smiley, very good looking people, who seemed to like their job and gave you service with true smiles. The movie selections were the best I’ve seen on a flight and the food was really good – better coming out of London than LAX. They served a nice “”tea”” with scones and all the trimmings. I looked into their premium economy section, which appeared to have good leg room and comfortable seats. It’s a small section cabin all to itself. The flights departed on time and arrived early both ways.

The Upper Class express check-in at Heathrow is the fastest check-in I’ve ever seen. It’s in a completely separate of Terminal 3. From there you go straight to their lounge where you can have full buffet, cooked food, any kind of cocktail, a massage or a haircut. The latter two items do come at a charge. Food and drinks are complimentary. It’s a wide open, light, huge space. I loved it.