What Does a Foodie Get at The Peninsula Hong Kong?

Mar 17, 2014 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

A recent short stay at The Peninsula offered a cornucopia of culinary creations, and I present one day’s offerings.

Begin with a breakfast in the lobby lounge, accompanied by live musicians playing from a galley above. Eggs Benedict are perfectly prepared, the eggs just so, and the hollandaise slightly baked so as not to drench the plate in creamy sauce.

Additional English muffins are brought to the table just in case.

A few thin potato wedges served on the side are just the right amount, and perfectly prepared. Fruit is always fresh and ripe, and served perfectly.

Lunch is buffet at The Verandah. But the buffet here is a worldly culinary mix. There’s plenty of cold seafood from sashimi to sushi, raw and smoked oysters and smoked mackerel, lox and scallops. There’s a salad bar of course with yellow and red tomatoes and different lettuces. And for hot food, there’s a perfect Thai-style yellow curry with ground turkey, a delectable Chinese spicy ground pork, a Sri Lankan vegetable coconut stew, a seafood curry, and a yummy British beef and potatoes dish, plus salmon, sliced meats, honey glazed vegetables, and so much more. For dessert there’s a scrumptious bread and butter pudding, homemade ice creams and sherbets,

(oh that chocolate ice cream!) tarts and pies and mango pudding, a staple here. Menu items will vary, but never disappoint. Service is impeccable, as it is throughout the hotel.

Dinner included a dine around, not typical, which began with some champagne and sashimi at the Japanese restaurant, Imasa, followed by Peking Duck perfectly prepared at the hotel’s two-level Chinese restaurant, Spring Moon, paired with a lovely Reisling. The duck here needs to be just the right weight to have the right fat content, and tastes divine. That is followed by ground pork served in cabbage cups served with Kung fu tea.

(The cabbage leaf, by the way, has a perfectly serrated cut along the rim).

Don’t miss out on the XO hot sauce, made on the premises and only available here.

Then it’s on to Gaddi’s, the French fine dining restaurant, for a pasta (orzo) risotto with black truffles (oh, my) and paired with a lovely Soave. That is followed bylobster with large green asparagus from France. As much as some people love a good lobster, the asparagus was to die for.The meal was made all the more memorable listening to the beautiful Philippine singer (who has been performing here for many years!)

Later, it’s on to Felix, created by French designer Philippe Starck, for some creative after dinner cocktails and a variety of sweets, including Japanese strawberries, soft ginger jellied candy, and a chocolate mousse tart creatively presented.

The Peninsula stands on its own as Hong Kong’s grand dame, and its restaurants shine among a sea of wonderful cuisine Hong Kong offers.

It exceeds expectations.