Why Not Cuba?

Sep 28, 2016 Avatar Maral Nazarian Maral Nazarian

My vacation took me to Cuba on a a Fathom cruise aboard Adonia. Choosing a destination for my own vacation can be difficult as I am exposed to so many beautiful places to chose from. This time I chose a destination that always intrigued me and that I wanted to explore.

Fathom sails out of Miami on a week-long cruise to Cuba, making a two-day stop in Havana plus day calls in Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, each very different and providing a different glimpse of Cuba. As we cruised from Miami the excitement built as a Cuban band entertained us.

As the cruise made its way into Havana we see old buildings, old cars and people waving to us, happy to greet the visiting cruise passengers from America. Stepping off the ship and touring this historic city, where time has stood still a long while, was like no other city I have visited. The bright pink, blue and red vintage cars line the street to offer rides and tours to tourists.

I had a chance to explore the city streets with its beautiful buildings, talking to locals and tried a few mojitos.

The overnight in Havana gave me chance to see the reknown Tropicana Show, an amazing two-hour production of Cuban rhythms with dancers in colorful costumes.

The second day in Havana gave us a chance to see more of Havana and do a bit of shopping!

Cruising to our next city, Cienfuegos, gave us a chance to relax and enjoy more of the talented Cuban band’s music onboard the ship.
Cienfuegos is a beautiful city full of artists. We were entertained by a choir in an old theater and walked around the city on a tour meeting artists. Once again the locals were welcoming and wonderful to talk to.
Our cruise to Cuba continued as we arrived at Santiago de Cuba, which had more of a large city feel, with cathedrals and city buildings and courtyards full of locals playing music, dancing or just visiting friends on benches in small parks.
We visited the revolution square where many of Cuba’s important political gatherings were held. We visited a UNESCO fortress (Morro Castle). We had the opportunity to watch a Cuban dance performance by an amazing and talented couple, with a live band played in the background. We sipped mojitos and asked to join the instructor on the dance floor and learn how to rhumba!
As our last day in Cuba came to an end, we made our way to the ship and gathered on deck as we waved goodbye to Cubans seeing us off from ashore, waving back to us as if we might be family. As we cruised past Morro Castle in the sunset, listening to Cuban music, I couldn’t help but get emotional as the faces of people I met in Cuba passed before me like a slideshow of memories now imprinted on my heart.
Cuba was not just another destination, but a place where I walked back in time, connected with the people and the music, and will for sure return to this the land of Rhumba!
fathom cruises no longer operates — however, we can still arrange a vacation in Cuba for you.