Yasawa, Fiji —Our Honeymoon Team Blog, Part 2

Jun 17, 2013 Avatar Katy Kennedy Katy Kennedy

Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exclusive retreat on one of the most remote and unspoiled islands of Fiji. Just 18 luxury bungalows are hidden among the palms, each just a few steps from a pristine white beach facing west toward the setting sun. Each buré has an indoor and outdoor shower, and plenty of room with a living area and bedroom. Several decks make it easy for you to lounge in the sun or read a book. In front of each buré is a beach cabana of woven grasses for shade with two chaise lounges and that extends into a hammock area and then to the sea. It is as if every one of the buré is gifted with its own private beach.

The beach in front of the resort is a wonderful fine white sand– not always the easiest to find in Fiji. There are several areas of protected coral pools wonderful for snorkeling. The beach hut has all the water toys you can imagine. So start at one end of the row of paddle boards and work your way down to the kayak. They have a guide that will escort you on the snorkel or kayak trip, simply make an appointment.

The cuisine at Yasawa is nothing less than over the top. Wonderful fresh seafood (and lobster plucked from nearby reefs), organic vegetables, homemade desserts and imported lamb or beef from New Zealand. All meals were so enjoyable — you often sit outside and really slow down your pace here.

This resort boasts a formidable spa at the end of a beautiful beach cove. There are many choices for relaxation and beauty, and they are always running a special! Of course, the pièce de résistance would be the sunset massage for two, with a Jacuzzi tub nearby, and then having dinner served to you on the open air deck overlooking the surf.

In Fiji the staff are simply wonderful — the Fijian people really do think of you as “family.” At Yasawa they have an added bonus as the village is close by and all their staff can walk to and from work. So they are not “borrowed” for a time like some of the other islands resorts.

Sunday is a day of rest in Fiji, nicknamed “Hisday,” a day to spend with family and friends. On Sundays guests at Yasawa are invited to attend church in the local village.

We chose to and were transported over unpaved, bumpy terrain, through heavily forested canopy, greeted en route by some of the wide-eyed, curious children, and ushered to the front of the church. Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.

On one side were the women, on the other were the men, with children in the middle pews.

When the younger ones get rambunctious, an elderly, appointed monitor keeps the children in line with stern looks or a gentle yank of an ear. The choir sang such glorious melodic songs and the minister, in his western tie and sulu, spoke the sermon in Fijian.

After an hour and a half we had experienced a peek into village life on a Sunday morning.

Yasawa Resort also offers couples three designated beaches to choose from, each completely secluded. Couples are provided with a picnic lunch, customized to their choice of foods, and a bottle of wine or champagne. They are whisked away by a private speed boat, a wonderful and exciting adventure all on its own! I was fortunate enough to sit on the front bow of the boat with my friend beside me. We laughed as the wind raced through our hair and were enamored by the breathtaking crystal blue water below us while our feet dangled off the sides. It was a fun and exciting experience I recommend couples must do together!

Once you approach your private island, you see the picture-perfect, unspoiled beaches, and it looks like they’ve never been discovered by man. The driver drops you off with your romantic picnic, a walkie-talkie, and the person you love. You have the entire day to enjoy your own intimate private paradise; what more could you want out of a honeymoon? (continued)

Submitted by Katy Kennedy