On a Norway vacation,  the luxury equates to its wide open spaces and fresh air. Norway is a rich country with a storied history and a high quality of life, set amidst a stunning backdrop of fjords, waterfalls and majestic mountains. Focused on sustainability, Norway’s goal is to achieve bio and cultural diversity and emission-free transportation by 2030.

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Norway is all about nature at its finest, and is a year around playground for adventure seekers – hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, skiing, cycling, glacier walks, show shoeing -- and we can tailor-make your adventure. Oslo, the capital, offers a number of experiences: Vigeland Park with its fascinating sculpture garden, the Kon Tiki and Viking Museums. For art lovers, the Edvard Munch Museum is a must.
When to Visit
While summer is prime tourist season to visit Norway and the fjord region, there’s lots to experience in other seasons, when you can have this natural wonderland more to yourself and have more exclusive and authentic travel experiences. Norway has branded the off-season as the Go Viking season, from October to April. The fjords are spectacular with snow-covered mountains, with winter sports like skiing and show shoeing popular.
Food in Norway
Norway is known for fresh local food and drink. It’s hard not to enjoy the pickled herring and Norwegian salmon when on a vacation in Norway. And where else can you buy caviar in a tube? Not into seafood? Carnivores should try reindeer meat. Cider production is popular and you can take a cider safari in Hardanger. Bareksten gin has won the gold medal twice as world’s best. (You might even meet up with founder Steve Barejksten.) Michelin dining is also available, like at RE-NAA, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Stavanger. We might even arrange a dinner with a Viking chief in a Viking home if you fancy it!
Suggested reading
The Almost Nearly Perfect People (M. Booth), History of Norway (J. A. Yilek), A Doll’s House (H. Ibsen), Out Stealing Horses (P. Peterson), A House in Norway (V. Hjorth), The Snowman and Headhunters (J. Nesbo), The Woman in Cabin 10 (R. Ware), Growth of the Soil and Mysteries (K. Hansen), The Winter Fortress (N. Bascomb).
Suggested viewing
Kon Tiki, Lilyhammer, Edvard Munch, Operation Arctic, Kitchen Stories, Headhunters.

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Norwegian Fjords

Hurtigruten cruise

Consider a cruise along Norways coast for spectacular views of the fjords.

Oslo, Norway

Did you know?

Gotta go? Uredplassen, overlooking fjords and with a view of the Northern Lights, gets the vote for best public toilet and rest area.

An ancient rock carving at Rødøy shows people used a form of skis to get around as long ago as 4,000 years ago!

Since 1972, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian King's Guard, Brigadier Sir Nils Olav, is a Scottish penguin.

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year in Oslo, Norway's capital city. (Other nobel prizes are awarded in Stockholm).

Nine miles from the Russian border, Kirkenes is an Artctic town that is as far east as Cairo.

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Things to See and Do

Attend a private concert at the home of Edvard Grieg or with the Bergen Philharmonic, one of the world’s oldest orchestras.

Bergen is the gateway to visiting the fjord region, or to learn more about the historic Hanseatic League. Enjoy a fjord cruise for a day, a few days, or take a Norwegian coastal cruise from Bergen up to the Arctic Circle.

Or explore the stunning scenery on the Norwegian Scenic Route by car– 18 roads are part of this network– with high quality attractions along the way.

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