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Things to Do and See - Unique Adventures and Experiences in Colombia

No two Colombia vacations packages should necessarily follow the same itinerary, mainly because there is much to see and do in this small nation. From Pereira, in the heart of Colombia's famous coffee-growing region, where you can learn all about coffee production while picking up a trick or two on how to froth your cappuccino, to Cartagena, a long-popular port-of-call for cruise ships, with its narrow streets, plazas and colorful handicraft stores of Las Bóvedas, and impregnable Spanish fortress of San Felipe, cultural opportunities abound in this country. Not far from Cartagena, in the charming old fishing village of La Boquilla, once a slave colony, tranquil beaches, marshlands and mangroves can be explored on a dugout canoe.

If your Colombia vacation package takes you north to visit Taironaka, a nature reserve where traces of the Tayrona civilization of 600 BC are still in evidence, you can slip in a boat trip along the Don Diego River where you can explore the ancient terraces, some still in farm use by the indigenous Kogi people. Other options include a visit to the charming and ancient fishing village of La Boquilla, near Cartagena. It was once a slave colony, but now mainly serves travelers with tranquil beaches, marshlands, and mangrove swamps best explored from within a dugout canoe.

A visit to the Colombian capital of Bogota can include a trip to the Gold Museum, with the world’s greatest collection of pre-Hispanic gold works, and/or a visit to the Botero Museum, which features the works of the country's most famous artist. Or you can choose to visit Monserrate, a church perched high above and overlooking the city that is accessible by cable car.

Regardless of where else your trip to Colombia takes you, you will definitely want to visit the twenty-five acre underground cathedral in Zipaquira, located not far from the capital. Built directly into a salt mine, the Stations of the Cross at this cathedral, along with other carvings, are hewn from the salt and are eerily illuminated.

Colombia Weather and Climate

Because of its proximity to the equator, Colombia does not experience seasons.  Instead, Colombia weather and the climate in this equatorial nation are best understood by dividing the country up into various zones. Colombia is a mountainous country, and any part of the country that lies below one thousand meters over sea level is referred to as “hot land.” This zone makes up more than eighty percent of the total area of Colombia, and is the second least populous zone.

The majority of Colombians live in the temperate zone between one and two thousand meters of elevation. Temperatures in the temperate zone range between sixty and seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. The third zone is the second most populous in the country and ranges between two and three thousand meters of elevation, with median temperatures of between fifty and sixty degrees. Above the “cold land” of the third zone lies the zone of permanent snow, above four thousand meters.

Lodging and Transportation Options in Colombia

There are many Colombia resorts and Colombia hotels to choose from in both the major cities, the towns surrounding major attractions, and along the coasts, as well.

In Colombia’s big cities, buses, taxis, and motorcycle taxis are the most common forms of transportation. Transportation in Colombia can be a bit tricky once you get outside of the major cities. There is no real train service in the country currently, and hitchhiking can be quite dangerous. Shared rides are available between towns on colectivos (shared truck or shuttle bus) or chivas (a step-sided bench bus), as well as on bigger buses. 


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