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Things to Do and See in Greece

The capital of Greece lures visitors from afar to tour the ancient Acropolis, to dwell in the Old Royal Palace, and to wander through the 6th century Temple of Zeus. While Athens is a cultural mecca worth flocking to, visitors who are considering things to do in Greece beyond the capital may be surprised to find local color and postcard-ready Mediterranean views throughout the coastline.

To fully experience all Greece has to offer, explore the Greek Islands, where you can discover Hellenic heritage in ancient Athens before absorbing the picturesque volcanic shores and wineries of Santorini, an ideal Greece honeymoon destination.

Embark on an expedition to Crete where you can explore its unrivaled landscapes, or mingle with locals in vibrant Mykonos. Regardless of which island you choose, be sure to make one of these majestic isles a day trip (or longer) during your Greece vacation package.

The Weather in Greece

Greece weather experiences the standard four seasons that most North Americans are acclimated to. Visiting the country in winter, you’ll experience low temperatures, and cities including Crete and Athens can see snow. You’ll find the warmest temperatures in Greece weather during the period from June to September, a period of heat and warm waters that are perfect for swimming. 

The best time to take a Greece vacation in terms of the weather depends on your reason for visiting. If you’re looking to avoid crowds and to stretch your budget, travel from December to March if you’re willing to endure cooler temperatures and fewer open establishments.

If you’re visiting to absorb the sights and culture during a vacation to Greece, then you may enjoy pleasant Greece weather in the shoulder season: April, May, October, and November. But if you’re looking to enjoy island swims and full access to island amenities, then you may prefer the hot weather from June to September.

Greece Transportation Options

In most towns you visit, travel in Greece is easily made on foot. Major towns, including Athens, Kalamata, and Thessaloniki all have bus systems, as well. Taxis, too, are found in abundance in cities and can be used to travel with ease.

To access Greek islands, travel can be made by air or sea. In the summer months, boats will run multiple times a day from central cities to the islands, but in the winter, fewer ferries are in operation and you may need to fly in order to access the island of your choice.

Of course, TravelStore can help you arrange your inter country travel in advance, as part of your arrangements for your ideal trip to Greece.

Hotels & Resorts in Greece

Greece vacations offer an abundance of accommodations for every budget throughout the country. In the islands, travelers can enjoy a break from everyday living by staying in a whitewashed cave hotel with five-star views extending into the caldera: luxury at its finest. At many of our Greece resorts and carefully chosen hotels, we extend special considerations and amenities to travelers to make the best of your stay.

Boutique Greece hotels and relaxing resorts can be found in every major city, and TravelStore has access to handpicked hotels in less frequented villages and remote Greek destinations as well as in the major cities. 

Due to fewer amenities being available in smaller towns, we recommend that travelers book as far in advance as possible to secure ideal getaway accommodations during their trip to Greece.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Greece

Spend time finding a slower pace, where you can fully enjoy the spoils of a Greece vacation. Stop in Amfilochia, a local fishing village to taste the laid-back local lifestyle, or wander through Nauplia and indulge in a wine tasting tour in this lush region. 

While Athens offers a wealth of historic marvels, take time to explore other historic sites such as the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, or the Byzantine Pinnacle Monastery in the Meteora Region. Architecture lovers and history buffs will wonder at Ottoman relics in the lakeside town of Ioannina, and vestiges of Italian charm found on the island of Corfu.

If you travel to Greece, take to the seas and enjoy one of many Greece cruises available to visitors. Whether you venture to popular Santorini or a remote isle hidden from the tourist eye, TravelStore can help you find the Greece cruise to suit your taste.

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Our team is ready and willing to enhance your trip to Greece, whether you set sail for the islands or embark on a historic tour. Search for Greece vacation packages above, or contact us today to arrange a perfectly customized trip to Greece.