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Kayaking among whales and icebergs in the Arctic

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Italy, Greece, and Windstar Cruises

I have lived an amazing and blessed life being raised by parents who knew the value of travel. From a very young age my sister and I were taken on road trips across the U.S., seeing our very diverse country.

When my father retired his dream was to see the world.  Excited about his good fortune, he came to me and asked: “Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?” Always, wanting to see the unique, I half-jokingly I replied: “Antarctica,” thinking there was no way it was even a possibility. By the end of the year I found myself ringing in the New Year by sailing across the Drake Passage to walk among the penguins. It was at that exact moment the adventure bug hit me with a vengeance!  

We then decided we wanted to become “Bi-Polar” and see the Arctic as well. We booked a kayaking trip, 80° north, at the tip of Ellesmere Island (Canada’s Northernmost island). For two weeks we lived out of our kayaks, eating lunch on icebergs, and exploring ruins from Thule, Dorset and Viking cultures. To top it off, I had the most exhilarating experience as a narwhal swam toward me, eyeing me as it passed below, under my kayak.

Since then I found I could never settle down, wanting to see cultures and scenery unlike anything I have experienced before. I held lemurs in Madagascar, hiked to Tiger’s Nest Temple in Bhutan, went skydiving in New Zealand, trekked the great wall in China, saw the majestic Patagonian landscape of southern Chile and Argentina where I got slapped in the face by a rainbow, wandered the bazaars of the complex Moroccan medinas, delivered books and school supplies to children in Cambodia, and bathed with Elephants in Thailand.

As a travel counselor, I like to figure out the puzzle that is you and to formulate the perfect trip for your specific personality. I like to find unique experiences for you that you might not have thought of yourself. I am constantly reading travel journals and find it very important to stay up to date.

Every great journey I send my clients on are made up of many elements: the accommodations, the attractions, the restaurants and of course the people. I am a firm believer that travel changes lives and I get the biggest thrill in life when I get to hear the amazing stories my clients share from the custom trips I planned for them. 

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