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Most Recent Trips

Trans-Pacific cruise to Tahiti on Crystal Cruises

Favorite Trip Experience

Being in Jerusalem when it snowed and I put on a slide show for the hotel guests!

Next Trip

Regent Explorer to the Caribbean

I grew up in Los Angeles and was lucky to have the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling. I only decided to become a travel agent when friends kept asking where I just came back from and what I had seen.

I realized being a travel agent was my calling because I loved to tell others about my personal travels and felt I could assist people to make their dreams come true. Since becoming a certified travel and cruise professional, I have never lost the passion for the travel business in the subsequent decades.

I feel privileged to be in this industry, and to have had so many exquisite travel experiences: flying on the Concorde, going into the pit in Xi’an to see the terra cotta warriors up close, exploring Machu Picchu, going on safari in Africa, traveling in Tahiti and cruising the world's waterways with family, children and grandchildren.  (I’ve now been on almost every cruise line at least once!)

In addition to my personal travels, I thrive on living vicariously through my clients’ travels, planning their adventures and, of course, learning new things from them, too. After all, it’s not just being able to say you’ve been somewhere, but also to have the unique experiences that create such lasting memories and make a trip so special.  

In addition to travel, I enjoy walking on the beach, working out, and donating my time to Rotary for worthy causes.

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My Travel Experiences

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