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Most Recent Trips

Florence, Milan, and Verona

The diversity of our Planet Earth is endless.  My deep passion is to explore as much of it as possible.  My excitement, wonder and joy of discovery knows no bounds.  My fascination with the many iceberg shapes in Antarctica was completely different than crawling inside the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Nevertheless, both were mind blowing. With visits to all seven continents and well over 100 countries, I still have the personal goal of experiencing the amazement of one new country yearly.  This is in addition to my return to many old favorites.

I’ve been a travel agent since 1978 thanks to the persistence of my cousin who was a travel agent. I love custom designing vacations that best fit your requirements. I also like to present you with exciting experiences you might otherwise have missed had you not had the input of a professional travel advisor.

Some of my favorite travel experiences have been climbing the Great Wall of China, exploring the Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet, climbing into the Great Pyramid in Giza and seeing every star in the sky from the Amazon Clipper outside Manaus, Brazil.

I have an undeniable fervor for every aspect of the travel experience; the planes, trains and ships that transport you and the unique and special accommodations, from a tent to a 5-star hotel or resort. After 4 years in the Air Force, I became a commercial plane enthusiast. In 2006 it was a thrill for me to attend the Farnborough Air Show outside London, where I was able to get an exclusive, inside tour of an A380 test aircraft from an Airbus test pilot.

I like to remind my clients that many times it’s what you don’t know that makes the difference between an “off-the-shelf” travel experience that has been done a dozen times before and a unique and stimulating adventure that will stay with you forever.

My Travel Experiences

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