Mindy Crenshaw, CTC, DS



  • Cruise Vacations
  • East Africa
  • South Africa
  • Japan & Southeast Asia
  • Solo Travel
  • Caribbean

I became a travel agent in 1988 after growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and traveling to Europe when I was 16.

My favorite part of what I do is feeling like I travel the world all day. I love fulfilling dreams and creating life experiences for you. I am constantly keeping up to date on hot new destinations and products, and am always looking for new enriching opportunities and the clients that can enjoy them.

I have had a continuous spiritual awakening after being on safari in Africa, touring the Vatican & the Sistine Chapel, getting lost in Tokyo, seeing the Berlin Wall before it came down and walking in the footsteps of historical heroes. On a lighter note, I was once charged by an elephant in Botswana. I also walked into a monk’s home by accident while touring the cemetery of the 47 Ronin in Japan, and he offered me tea and cookies!

My Travel Experiences

Please take a moment to click on the images below to see some of the enriching travel experiences and stories I would love to share with you.