Ziplining in Costa Rica

Aug 27, 2018 Avatar Mindy Crenshaw Mindy Crenshaw

I recently had the opportunity to make a quick trip to Costa Rica to visit some hotels and perhaps the opportunity to go ziplining.

How could I turn down an opportunity to zipline? It had been on my bucket list for a long time, and what better place to zipline than Costa Rica? I had visions of zipping through the rainforest with monkeys and toucans abounding.

Through the week of my visit in Costa Rica, our guide kept building up the excitement: “Are you ready?
“Who’s going to do the Superman jump?” I soon became convinced it was his way of keeping us focused and motivated while trudging through hotel after hotel in the heat and humidity. Finally, it was the day! I woke up excited yet nervous. Did I really want to do this, fly like Superman?

At our final stop, the hostess was so excited we were there she planned this amazing long lunch and detailed site inspection. As we toured the hotel we could see the zipline from the hotel, and sadly, it seemed we weren’t going to have the time to make it as time slipped away. We said our good-byes and the guide advised Diamante was staying open for us and awaiting our arrival! It was finally happening!
Diamante Eco Adventure Park is located on Matapalo Beach overlooking the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste. Diamante’s convenient oceanfront location offers the most unique and best ocean view dual zip line course. The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times. Diamante delivers world-class fun in an amazing setting, and is also home to a renowned Animal Sanctuary and offers horseback riding and ATV tours.

The zipline experience was unforgettable and a complete adrenaline rush. It was exhilarating and amazing as I soared over the mountains with breathtaking views of the ocean and floated like Superman.

What a thrill! Let me know if I can help you arrange your thrills.