6 Wonderful Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

May 30, 2018 Avatar Nina Omari Nina Omari

My 2018 travel calendar kicked off with a special visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and particularly to the amazing and special Imanta Resort in Punta De Mita, which is about a 45-minute drive to the north of Puerto Vallarta town.

Punta De Mita, once a quiet fishing village, rapidly became a world-renowned destination with its top shelf luxury resorts in Mexico.

This resort is small, with 12 villas or casitas that are built into the jungle in a way that makes them blend wonderfully into the landscape. Imanta, a Relais & Chateaux resort,

is super romantic, and makes a great honeymoon destination, but it has something for everyone.

When you arrive in the village you are overtaken by the rustic and private nature of what you see. You are greeted with a beautiful drink and graciously smiling staff and taken to the Observatorio, where you have sweeping views of the ocean that take you away to the utmost relaxation. Check -in is in your Jungle or ocean casita that leaves you breathless as you are given a choice of fragrant and natural soaps that are made locally.

Now that you have an idea of what this resort is all about, here’s my list of 6 wonderful things to do at Imanta:

1. Breakfast at the Beach

2. Temazcal Ritual

3. Kayak and Snorkel

4. Imanta Daily Courtesy Hike

5. the Jungle Spa

6. Watch the sunset with a beautiful drink at the Observatorio

I’d be happy to clue you in on some of these activities at this great resort.


Nina Omari

to plan your Punta de Mita vacation as well as plan a list of things to do while in Puerto Vallarta!