A Mallorca Vacation at Ramanya Winery

Sep 20, 2018 Avatar Nina Omari Nina Omari

Setting sail from Barcelona in July onboard the Regent Seven Seas Voyager was nothing short of magical. Many travelers love Mediterranean cruises.

I can honestly say it’s my favorite destination for many reasons, possibly because I grew up on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, so that this part of our world has a certain endearing feel to me.

Of the many ports we visited, one that left a lasting impression was Mallorca, Spain! What’s so striking here is the resemblance between Mallorca and where I grew up as a child, with olive, almond, citrus, pine, palm and thousands of fruit and flowering trees.

After a 30-minute drive on the highway, we arrived at a Mediterranean house surrounded by trees and flowers, where we were greeted by Roberto and Camila, and the beloved family dog Rose. They took us on a tour of Bodega Ramanya.

We started at the family residence and made our way through the almond trees to the other parts of the working Ramanyà Wine Cellar, which is also a museum – the very first to produce a sparkling red with other fine wines – among the best on the island.

The museum consists of amazing restored tools, which members of the family collect and restore.

The tools and chariots are in an incredible condition, we had a great time taking pictures and guessing the functions of some of these great tools.

The wine at Ramanya is so delicious, everyone ended up shipping some bottles home. We bought a great Rose bottle; I’m not a Rose wine fan, but this one was not to be missed, or enjoyed at home later.
I highly recommend visiting the small winery and getting to know the charming people who enjoy the work on their beautiful island, and who create some amazing memories.

Cruising is very enjoyable, but it’s definitely the visits and excursions that mean so much, and leave you wanting to go and explore more.