A Uniworld Cruise Review

Feb 01, 2019 Avatar Phyllis Baggesen Phyllis Baggesen
We love it when clients send us their travel stories, and we’re happy to share this Uniworld trip review from N. S. in San Jose, CA.
It was absolutely wonderful seeing the sights via Uniworld.
The best part was being able to visit small places along the Danube that otherwise wouldn’t be on a travel itinerary. The land excursions were very interesting and varied enough so that we could choose what we wanted or spend the free time our own. There was fascinating history at each port. We were able to visit and sit in the courtroom for the Nuremberg trials and go on a Jewish history tour of Regensburg; it was just so interesting and not something you would normally get to experience.
Since we were traveling over Christmas, it was very nice to have activities for the ship guests since many things were closed to the public. Vienna at New Year’s was definitely a highlight for us! I’m very happy that we chose to travel over the holidays with Uniworld since it completely simplified the journey.

The service on Uniworld was first-class. We became regulars at a table and our waiter even brought my son extra portions! All the crew got to know him since he was a regular runner and gym-user due to the upcoming lacrosse season. He even almost hit the ship ceiling (LOL)!

All the staff really took the time to get to know you. We were a little unusual since we hadn’t been traveling as a family and not have been united since June; in other words, we had a lot of catching up to do. As cruise guests, meeting others wasn’t a high priority, although everyone was very kind on the trip.
There were too many highlights! What a holiday treat and a great start to 2019.

N. S., is a client of Phyllis Baggesen.

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