Adventure Under German Skies

Sep 18, 2023 Avatar Hilton Smith Hilton Smith
Focusing on one country in Europe has its rewards.  My two week August adventure in Germany could be more in depth and fulfilling than lumping several countries together.
With warm, mostly sunny weather, exploring Hamburg, Berlin and Munich gave us the variety and stimulation we were seeking. Hamburg is on the sea and has a network of canals.  Restaurants take full advantage of the water views.  Even better, Hamburg is home to Miniatur Wonderland which is a model train and air network that is real and impressive.  Seafood is king here and it is fresh and delicious.
A mere 2 hours away is Berlin, a city that is ever changing.  I have been to Berlin over 20 times, even before the Berlin Wall came down.  This city never stops impressing me as it continues to quickly evolve. Our adventure included visiting The Palace of Tears, the DDR Museum, dining at the Parliament, and the always amazing KaDeWe Department Store, including 6th Floor Food Emporium and Restaurants. Vibrant neighborhoods like Kreitzburg and Mitte give this city constant energy.  Nightlife runs round the clock in many areas.
Four hours via ICE high speed train is the southern capital of Munich. The opposite of Berlin, Munich is full of tradition and charm.  The squares, beer halls and the famous central Market are all worth a visit.  The impressive Deutsches Museum has been transformed and modernized even with an impressive display of robots.

We added side trips to Nuremberg and across the Austrian border to Salzburg for even more variety.  Both were less than 2 hours away by high speed train.
Our accommodations were many and varied.  Our flights were on United Airlines from Polaris to Berlin, but it was still not up to soft product international standards.  Returning, we flew back via Warsaw from Munich on LOT Polish Airlines Business Class.  We were pleasantly surprised with excellent service, comfortable seats and first rate catering,  Dinner was even served on real full size plates and it was so tasty.
Let us show you the way to an exciting and fulfilling Germany adventure.  We add the “secret sauce” from our experts and turn it into an extraordinary and
memorable holiday.