American Queen Steamboat Cruise Review

Jul 26, 2017 Avatar Heidi Hoehn Heidi Hoehn

This was sent by one of my clients while enjoying her fourth trip on an American Queen Steamboat cruise. Jo Ann has also travelled extensively on European river cruises with Uniworld, Tauck, and a few Viking trips as well…

Can’t believe this is Day 5 of our 8-day cruise from Louisville to St. Louis. We are docked in Paducah, KY, today, where the weather is 105 with just about as high a humidity reading. Can’t be out for too long, much less trying to stroll this charming town with lots of art galleries, gift shops, theatre, etc.

Today’s Hop On/Hop Off tours included a visit to the Quilting Museum, displaying the most incredible pieces of artwork ever! The huge quilts represent hours and hours of work, creativity, patience; one large piece took 1600+ hours to create, with the woman writing she spent 15 hours a day on it. Other works were smaller but just as intricate. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed.

Stopped at a Railroad Museum, which featured an interesting history of this mode of transportation from the steam engines up to the present day. (And I read that Elon Musk is trying to create a vacuum tube like transportation system to get people from NYC to Philadelphia in less than half an hour!)

Food: There is plenty of it almost 24/7!

Breakfast is in the dining room where one can partake of the generous buffet or order off the menu hand-prepared specialties.

There is also a Front Porch (cafe), serving a much lighter fare; on the front porch of the boat.

All day long there is an assortment of freshly baked cookies; around 3PM there are snacks (yesterday was chicken wings!).

Dinner is served in two seatings in the dining room, with a choice of about 5 appetizers, 5 soups/salads, and about 6-7 different entrees to suit every taste. Then there are usually 3-5 dessert choices to be made. The menu changes daily!

The Front Porch offers an informal dining and there’s soft serve ice creams, popcorns, cookies, and beverages.

Entertainment is incredible. An ensemble of 4 singers/dancers plus a talented band of 8 musicians put on two shows each night, one for the early diners and the other for the late diners. After those main stage shows there is usually more entertainment in the bars and lounge. Informal jazz sessions and sing-a-longs take place during the day.

Have I sold anyone yet? Lots of space to chill out, read a book or a newspaper, do a crossword puzzle, chat with friendly people on board, watch a movie while munching popcorn. I’m looking forward to taking my second Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise in the Pacific Northwest next May…

submitted by Jo Ann L., a customer of Heidi Hoehn