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Heidi Hoehn

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Favorite experiences
  • Sitting in the shade of my tent within sight of hippos and elephants feeding
  • Friday night in Jerusalem, experiencing religious devotion ringing in church bells with chants and songs bouncing off the ancient city walls and streaming from the minarets in calls to prayers
  • Visiting markets and specialty stores in Italy with a local food expert
Most recent trips
  • Giverny, France, for a garden wedding
  • Botswana safari; Morocco
  • Peru with rail trips
  • Columbia River cruise in the Pacific Northwest
  • South Africa for a safari and wineland visits
  • Abu Dhabi
  • India for a safari
Specialties Certifications
  • Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)
  • Certified Tahiti Specialist
Awards & Accolades
  • TravelStore Chairman’s Club
  • American Express Pacesetters

Travel educates; it illuminates our shared experiences and draws humanity together; it stimulates with beauty and the power of nature; it congregates families and friends who vacation together; and it expands the world to those who indulge in it.

Heidi Hoehn

Heidi's Story

Having spent more than 30 years working in travel, I have to say that I love what I do! I get to work with many lovely people, I’ve been blessed to see much of our lovely planet during that time, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others.

When people ask me about my “favorite” trip or place to travel, it’s difficult to choose only one! Europe and Canada are my second homes, and I know parts of them very well. Africa is another personal favorite; while I go for the animals and will take every opportunity for game viewing, there is a quality of light there, the way plants grow, the smells, and the sounds that are like no place else. I have a passion for history, so Turkey and Peru hold special places in my heart. I also enjoy places which surprise me… Israel, Emirates, Morocco, Chile, and so on.

I’m an opinionated and knowledgeable travel advisor. If I don’t know the answer you’re seeking, I know how to get the answer. Vacations don’t follow a cookie cutter mold, and what I find fascinating, you might find dull, so I am very clear that I plan your vacation and not my own. I share my advice and ideas but, ultimately, let you determine which aspects to include. Being your advocate is a great feeling. Travel isn’t an exact science, and I use reliable vendors and our preferred partnerships in the pursuit of providing you with a perfect trip.

Heidi's Travel Journals

Apr 02, 2018 Avatar Heidi Hoehn Heidi Hoehn

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Jul 26, 2017 Avatar Heidi Hoehn Heidi Hoehn

American Queen Steamboat Cruise Review

This was sent by one of my clients while enjoying her fourth trip on an American Queen Steamboat cruise. Jo...

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