An Unusual Proposal

Jun 06, 2011 Avatar Susanne Hamer Susanne Hamer
Eva and I just wanted to say how awesome the trip [to Hong Kong, Bali & Thailand] was and to thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for everything you did for us. We truly had a vacation of a lifetime, one that we will always remember.
By the way, Eva said “YES” to my proposal. THANK GOD, or the rest of the trip would have been a bit awkward.

It was funny, the day I proposed there was a crazy freak storm so we had to eat in the restaurant. The restaurant set aside a small section for Eva and I but people kept walking through it. Almost every plate had nuts even though we kept repeating the fact that Eva’s highly allergic, and before dessert there was a plate of several different types of cheeses which would be great but Eva’s also lactose intolerant (more for me right). At some point the family across from us along with the staff began singing the Happy Birthday song, Eva just looked at me and chuckled saying “it’s not going as you planned huh”. We just joked around about the whole thing though. I think she kind of had an idea what was going on because during dinner she cried three times. The food was good though.

After dinner the rain magically stopped completely so I asked her if she would like to go for a walk. We walked out to the beach where the canopy was at where we were supposed to have the dinner and after a short but emotional conversation I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Right after she said yes I stood up and began kissing her and immediately for some crazy but completely welcoming coincidence someone decided at that moment to set off a bunch of fireworks. It was perfect, almost as if I planned it. I told her the truth of course but it was great how everything worked out in the end.

The next day we were taken to Ubud. We spent the next few days in total relaxation just hanging around in our private villa [at the Komaneka Taggayuda].

One thing that I am glad about is Eva actually likes her ring. We went to the jewelers so that she could resize her ring and also try on different stone shapes but after trying on a few she decided she liked the pear best. The excursions were wonderful. Every new country or region we looked forward to meeting our guide and learning about all the interesting things that they had to teach us. Every place that they took us to were equally as beautiful and breathtaking, it would be a hard task to pick a favorite.

Now that we are back we are like celebrities amongst our colleagues. I now have great stories to share with patients during the short trip in the back of the ambulance (if they’re stable of course). And Eva, well her classmates are just fascinated with every detail of our trip, especially the proposal. Well Susanne words could not express how grateful Eva and I are, so I end this letter by saying thank you.

Christian H. & Eva E., San Francisco, CA, clients of Susanne Hamer