Being Green[er]

Apr 08, 2010 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

We’re hearing from more travelers about being “green.” Like many consumers, we share concerns about global warming, protection of the environment, and social responsibility concerns. But likewise, the answer isn’t to stop traveling or to seriously curtail tourism.

Indeed, it’s because of tourism wildlife in Africa is better protected, and rainforests in the Amazon aren’t farmed more. Environmental standards on cruise ships are stricter than for most land-based resorts. As to social issues, there’s no question the benefit of tourism has had. Tourism creates important first-hand appreciation of such concerns so that travelers can become advocates and active supporters.

In addition, TravelStore became a member of ASTA’s (American Society of Travel Agents) Green Member program. We continue to make a number of improvements internally to being more green. (ASTA has since disbanded the program.)

Many of the suppliers we use also make commitments to support various projects that benefit the environment or address social issues. We’ve posted some of these on our website, but certainly that’s far from a comprehensive list.

We invite you to read about our Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility.