Breaking Bread In Peru On A Foodie Adventure

Aug 08, 2019 Avatar Aimee Kramer Aimee Kramer

Normally, when exploring the world, I travel with other agents also seeking to grow their portfolio of travel knowledge, but my trip to Peru this time was different. This time, I got to experience the people, culture, and history of Peru with my fiancée, Jason. This was Jason’s first trip to a country so culturally different than our own, and neither of us had ever been to Peru. This trip reminded me just how powerful my job is designing trips for couples and families and the experiences that they create doing this together. Then, of course, there was the food.

Jason and I started our trip one day early because I was eager to experience a new supplier we’ve partnered with that creates customized culinary experiences in a private home. This company employs local people all over the world who take you to local markets, invite you into their homes, and teach you how to cook their native cuisine. Some of these people are professional chefs, and some are just convivial home cooks. There is no better way to learn about someone and their culture than to “break bread” and chat over a delicious meal.
Confession time: I am an introvert. I mention this because the idea of private guides or visiting an unknown person in their own home is very intimidating, but I’m so happy I did it; the experience was amazing!
In Lima, Jason and I met Sandro and his wife, Grethel. Sandro picked us up from our hotel and took us to two bustling markets before heading back to his apartment in Miraflores. Here, he taught us how to use the local ingredients we just purchased. We cooked, ate, shared stories, and laughed. It was such a stellar experience! It really says something wonderful about the character of a person who would invite strangers into their own private home and cook the most delicious regional cuisine with them. I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who is either a foodie or someone who would just like to sit down with a local and exchange stories. Jason loved it so much that he emphatically suggested that we do this on all our future trips.

A lot of people choose to skip Lima on their quest to see Machu Picchu, but this would be a big mistake. Lima is no a “stop-over city” and is quickly emerging as one of the culinary capitals of the world. The food in Lima is incredible! With a fusion of so many cultures, your taste bud will be delighted.

Aimee Kramer